VIB Real Estate Vision

With professional agents in the main areas of Bucharest, valuable marketing team, credit brokerage department, partners in various fields (construction, interior design, architecture, design, legal consulting, evaluation), VIB Imobiliare offers comprehensive real estate consulting services.

Our services are not limited to brokerage, we are financial, legal consultant, credit broker and final consumer partner.

We offer you a study known as "Market comparative analysis" consisting of useful information and well-developed research of the value of the property considering the supply and demand, a comparison of the different prices per square meter, similar properties sold in the area. , etc.

We have access to over 10,000 properties for sale, continuously updated, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We will carry out searches for properties that meet your requirements, at the same time, we will offer you a number of suggestions regarding different types of properties, various new housing assemblies, neighborhoods, amenities and types of home improvement.

We will recommend a notary or we will work with you to ensure that a perfectly valid contract will be drafted and signed.

In the event that you did not start the procedures to receive a loan, we will make all the steps for you to receive financing for the payment of the desired property, presenting you the loan offers of the main banks, with which we have concluded collaboration agreements.


Tips for the buyer
Establish the budget accurately - It is advisable to know how much to pay both at the end of the contract and for monthly expenses such as maintenance, real estate taxes, parking, etc.

Get overpriced for real estate credit. This way you can properly size your budget.

Opt for a lawyer specializing in real estate issues.

Make a hierarchical classification of needs - space, light, view, facilities, etc.

Explore several neighborhoods to find out what your preferences are.

Research the schools in your favorite areas.

Establish effectively how long it will take you to move into your new home.

Evaluate the access to the means of transport in the neighborhood you have chosen.

Evaluate the equipment of the block of the house on its rules related to, for example the possibility of having one or more pets, the ability to store various things in a specially arranged place, the possibility to go to fitness room, etc.

Contact your credit broker to have all the documents needed to receive the loan on time.